Amazon Web Services To Offer Red Hat Enterprise Linux On EC2

RedHat, the largest commercial vendor of Linux has marked another milestone by signing a deal with Amazon Web Services to make its Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on the EC2 cloud computing service.

Red Hat users will be able to purchase RHEL licenses directly from Amazon Web Services for running the server software on the EC2 platform. Earlier, users were only allowed to run RHEL on hired computing instances offered by AWS.

The company has been pushing aggressively into the cloud computing market. At a recent company event, Red Hat top executives declared an open source cloud computing war on commercial software vendors.

The partnership with Amazon will allow Red Hat to boost its software sales in the cloud computing market, with users being able to use Linux for cloud computing platforms. Amazon Web Service’s EC2 allows users to hire computing power in the cloud.

“Our customers have been vocal about their need to provision supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the same way that they provision AWS EC2 and only pay for what they use. This announcement is the result of an extensive collaboration between Red Hat and AWS to satisfy real customer needs,” Terry Wise, Amazon's director of business development for AWS, said in a statement to The Inquirer.