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Anonymous Descends Into Civil War As Hacking Collective Splinters

Hacktivist non-oganisation Anonymous, which has been implicated in the ongoing outage of Sony's ongoing PlayStation Network, has become a hotbed of dissent as splinter groups break off and attempt to snatch various parts of the collective's ad-hoc 'infrastructure'.

Earlier today control of two of the key sites used by Anonymous were taken over by a 'rogue admin' whose personal details were subsequently outed by bitter rivals.

Both sides of the spat have contacted thinq_ which has exclusive interviews with each of the warring factions.

Anonymous members told users to stay away from and saying that both had been compromised by the coup d'etat.

The sites are used by Anonymous to provide communication services such as IRC chat between members, and were key in organising activity such as Operation Payback, launched against copyright holders and anti-piracy groups, including dodgy UK legal outfit ACS:Law. The sites were also key in organising Anonymous activity in support of the recent uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, and ongoing protests in Syria.