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Apple Closing On Nokia's Lead In Global Smartphone Market

Nokia has seen its leading position in the smartphone market seriously damaged over the past year, as IDC reports that Nokia’s share of smartphone sales has dropped by more than 13%, from 38.6% last year to 24.3%. The closest challenger is, of course, Apple, though Samsung and HTC have also shown strong growth.

Nokia’s lead has been seriously threatened as Apple moved into second place ahead of RIM with an 18.7% market share. The gap is now just 5.6%, which seems inevitable to be overtaken in the next year or two if Nokia doesn’t do something about it.

One might think that Nokia would perform especially well in its native region, but things aren’t quite like that. Another IDC report reveals that Samsung has already become the top handset maker and Apple has taken top spot for smartphones in western Europe.

“Nokia is one of the most recognized and appreciated brands in Europe, but Samsung was the one understanding the trends first and moving faster. Apple, on the other hand, coming from nowhere in the mobile phone business, capitalized on its strong brand and user-experience innovation.” IDC’s European mobile devices research manager Francisco Jeronimo said.

A reaction is expected from Nokia, especially since they’ve partnered with one of Apple’s biggest rivals – Microsoft. But there’s not only Apple out there, as slick Samsung has seen the largest gain in market share, being substantially helped by Google’s Android. All in all, it seems like one crazy tech rumble.