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Apple iPad 2: The Hidden Costs

Apple's new iPad 2 is a great device but it is not especially cheap. It has a $499 price tag in the US and costs up to $700 in certain European countries. But there’s more, Apple’s new tablet users will be surprised at how many hidden costs there are. Here are some of them.

Wi-Fi with 3G

Wi-Fi with 3G is the most expensive feature because users have to buy the 3G network access from the carrier and pay a monthly fee which depends on the data amount they download or plan to download. And those iPad 2 users travelling abroad should add to this the cost of purchasing additional SIM cards or have to subscribe to expensive data options in order to still be able to use their device abroad.

Insurance Plans

Users should insure their iPad 2. Although tests have proven that the screen is resistant, the device is portable and accidents can happen. Moreover, thieves won't pass up the chance of stealing the alluringly expensive iPad 2.


iPad 2 offers users the possibility of downloading amazing apps. But there’s a catch: users have to pay for them. Although some apps may seem cheap, others can cost quite a lot of money and it all adds up and drains the money from your wallet.


iPad 2 has a plethora of accessories available, but again they do not come cheap. For example Guitar Gizmo costs $99. So personalizing your device is not cheap.

All in all, customers should always take into account the hidden costs before buying an iPad 2 device.