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Apple Surpasses Google As Most Valuable Brand Identity

Apple has ousted Google as the world’s most valuable brand name, a marketing company has reported.

According to the Brandz 2011 report released by marketing research firm MillwardBrown, Apple’s brand value grew by 84 percent from $83 billion to $154 billion, while search engine giant Google saw a 2 percent drop in its brand value, which was pegged at $111 billion.

The iPhone makers immense success in the mobile app, smartphone and tablet PC market have significantly boosted the company’s brand, allowing it to topple Google after a four year reign.

“The contrast between Apple and Google is even more interesting because of the very different models the two companies espouse. Google is the archetypal Internet brand, with free services and open systems. Premium-priced Apple eschews the open model in favor of what Steve Jobs refers to as an “integrated” model,” Nigel Hollis, executive vice president and chief global analyst at Millward Brown, said in a blog post (opens in new tab).

The study, which is based on both consumer research and financial analysis, puts IBM in third place behind Apple and Google with a brand value of $101 billion, followed by McDonalds, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and AT&T at the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh place respectively.