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Apple In Talks With Nuance To Use Voice Recognition Software

iPhone maker Apple is reportedly in serious talks with voice recognition technology maker Nuance, hoping to reach a licensing agreement that would bring Nuance's voice recognition software to the iOS5, an article on TechCrunch reports.

Sources told TechCrunch that the talks could take the shape on an acquisition, but that this is highly unlikely. Nuance is currently valued at $6 billion based on its share price and the company could sell for a lot more than that as many people except voice recognition to continue improving and become much more commonly used.

It appears that a licensing deal between Apple and Nuance is more likely. Buying out Nuance could not only make a significant dent in Apple’s cash reserve, but would create conflicts of interest due to some of Nuance's existing agreements with other tech firms. Apple already indirectly uses Nuance’s technology after it acquired Siri. Siri, a voice recognition app maker, uses Nuance’s technology to power its app.

Apple is keen to bring voice recognition feature to its mobile operating system. Rival Google already has its own voice recognition technology for Android. The company offers voice based commands within Android and turn-by-turn voice navigation.