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Asus Cannot Produce Enough iPad 2 Killer Tablets

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus, it seems, may have been caught by surprise by the huge demand and success of the Eee Pad Transformer.

According to Netbooknews, which quotes a well informed source, the manufacturer can only deliver 10,000 tablets per month, which is only a tiny fraction of its more illustrious rival, Apple's iPad 2.

Asus is apparently determined to ramp up production quickly and is looking to deliver up to 30 times that amount per month.

However, changing a manufacturing cycle does take time, which is why it is bound to create some serious bottleneck for at least four weeks with Apple-like delays in delivery.

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer has been a very popular tablet - even topping Amazon's best selling tablet list - for two main reasons. Firstly, it provides great value for money; it is both cheaper than the iPad 2 and has a bigger screen with a better display resolution.

Then there's the fact that it has a rather affordable accessory that can convert it into a fully fledged netbook with a 16 hour battery life altogether.

The device, which runs on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, is powered by Nvidia's Tegra 2 chip and comes with 1GB RAM as well as 16GB onboard storage. Apart from Wi-Fi, it has USB, HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity.