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Bahrain Government Wants Citizens To 'Like' It On Facebook and Twitter

Government officials in Bahrain are asking people to post pledges of loyalty on social networking sites in support of the ruling royal family.

Demonstrations by Shiite Muslims were brutally crushed by the ruling Sunni monarchy, which is now hoping to make itself look warm and friendly by getting supporters to 'like' it of Facebook.

While countries in the region are closing down Internet services to prevent dissent, Bahrain has decided to convince the world it has loads of friends.

The country has launched an online campaign called “We Are All Hamad,” which asks people to post pictures of Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the country's king, as well as positive comments, on their Facebook and Twitter pages, along with other websites.

The country's state-run news agency claims that 10,000 people have poked the king in the first week alone.

Bahraini PR gurus have also posted videos about the killing of two policemen while completely glossing over the fact that at least 30 citizens have died in violent clashes with government forces in the uprising, according to thinq_