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Cisco To Simplify Management, Reduce Bureaucracy

Cisco Systems Inc. revealed that it is going to renovate its management structure in order to simplify the decision making process as well as other important aspects related to the functionality of the management team.

The Sane Jose, California based tech giant also revealed that it is highly likely that the company bosses will dispense with majority of a network of internal councils as well as with some associated boards which have been time and again, accused of slowing down important decision making processes by adding layers of bureaucracy into the system.

"It's time to simplify the way we execute our strategy, and today's announcement is a key step forward," John Chambers, Cisco's chief executive said in a statement.

Mr. Chambers is the same person who enforced a memo last month in April claiming that there were major lapses in the company’s operational executions, which had eventually led into confusion amongst customers as well as caused major disappointment for many of the investors.

Following this memo, Mr Chamber, a few days later, also warned of upcoming cut downs in several areas, along with some really “tough decisions”, in order to preserve the profitability of the company.