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EA Denies Rumors That It Has An Early Build Xbox 720

Game publisher Electronic Arts has denied receiving an early build of Microsoft’s rumored Xbox 720 gaming console.

A corporate spokesperson for EA denied the rumors, claiming that the reports were totally fabricated and ‘100 percent not true’.

His comments came after technology blog Develop (opens in new tab)cited a ‘senior, trusted, well-placed source’, who claimed that an undisclosed EA studio was in possession of the next generation Xbox 360 gaming console.

The report claimed that the new Xbox hardware was an early build and came without a name or casing. The hardware was stored within a PC CPU case. It was said that EA wants to be ready for the console when Microsoft chooses to launch it.

The same source also claimed that Microsoft could choose the upcoming E3 trade show to unveil the new console and end up launching it by the end of this year. With Nintendo’s next generation console, codenamed Project Cafe, on the verge of completion, Microsoft would not want the Japanese gaming company to hog the limelight.

However, EA’s outright denial about the authenticity of the Develop report throws us back to wondering when Microsoft will launch the highly anticipated Xbox 720 console.