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Foxconn Crticised By Watchdog Group SACOM

Foxconn, an Apple supplier most famous for the recent spate employee suicides, was recently inspected by an outside organization to evaluate its treatment of employees.

The watchdog group Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) visited two of SACOM's plants and interviewed employees. They found that while the promised wages were good by Chinese standards, employees were usually paid less than promised, sometimes only half as much, PC Mag reports.

(SACOM) group has declared May 7 as the day for the Global Action Day in order to promote better working conditions nad more humane treatment of employees.

It was recently found that the company was allegedly forcing its China based employees to work under harsh conditions with bare minimum pay, long working hours, unhealthy working environment and “military style” training period. Foxconn recently forced its employees to sign documents that they wouldn’t commit suicide.

Foxconn is responsible for producing a large array of components for Apple products including iPhones and iPads, leading SACOM to focus on Apple's relationship with the company.

"The campaigners are asking Apple to improve their purchasing practices as fair prices and well-planned lead times will allow suppliers to pay a living wage and prevent long overtime hours and Apple has to check the wages and the overtime hours," SACOM said in a statement.

Foxconn denies any wrong doing.