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Game Allows You To Assassinate Osama Bin Laden Inside His Pakistan Compound

A new episode of an online war game allows players to enter an accurate facsimile of Osma Bin Laden's Abbottabad compound in Pakistan and shoot the jihadist Al Qaida leader in the guise of a US Navy Seal according to thinq_

The gung-ho game, which is part of the Kumar War series, was created in less than a week and pieced together from newsreel footage and other reports about the death of the world's most wanted terrorist.

You arrive outside the now infamous compound in a Black Hawk helicopter before running around a series of dark and unpopulated rooms - or what the game maker describes as convincing 3D environment - looking for the world's greatest ever exponent of hide and seek.

"The SEALs didn't know where Osama was and neither will you; every corner is a potential death trap and each must be explored to find your target. Players will see all the key elements first-hand and gain a knowledge of the operation that would be difficult to obtain through traditional linear narratives," say the game's creators.

You can have a crack at the bin man yourself here.