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Google Experiments With Search Results Redesign

Google is testing a new design for its search results page, with less cluttered search results and more white space.

According to an article on CNET, chatter on micro-blogging platform Twitter indicates that design testing is fairly broad, with multiple variations popping up around the web.

The redesign eliminates lines under search results and adds more space, so that the results don't look shoved together. Also, URLs are now presented in green font.

The reason for the change isn't clear. It could simply be an aestethic choice on Google's behalf. google has been toying with its algorithm to get rid of spammy results, and this new look could be a visual reflection of that change.

There is also some speculation that the extra room will eventually be filled with targeted ads. Since revenue comes from people clicking on ads, as opposed to the sheer volume of ads displayed, Google could be testing to see if this cleaner look results in a high click-rate.

The company is known for conducting design tests from to time and it does not mean that the new design that the new design will be implemented permanently.