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Have You Ditched Your PC For A Tablet?

Tablets are everywhere; news, blogs, television, and the market is showing tremendous growth. Research firm Nielsen has conducted yet another study where they reveal how people's adoption of tablets has impacted the use of PCs, laptops, e-Readers, gaming consoles and netbooks.

With tablets being lightweight and easy to carry around, it seems they are encroaching on the territory of not only PCs, but also media players and gaming systems.

Nielsen’s report specifically aimed at analyzing the effect buying a tablet has on the usage of other devices owned by the user. 35 per cent of tablet owners mentioned that they aren’t using their desktop computer as they did before and some are not using it at all. More than a quarter that e-Readers, media players, notebooks and gaming consoles are being used much less or not at all. But we can see that the desktop PC has taken the greatest hit of all.

“Why did you decide to buy a tablet?” was one question Nielsen asked. 31 per cent were most impressed by its portability, 21 per cent by the ease of use and 15 per cent were convinced by the quick startup and shutdown. Tablets also seem to be a “family” gadget, as 43 per cent of those questioned said they are frequently sharing their slate with other people in their household. Even younger children are becoming the target of iPad sales, with some schools using the device instead of text books and Toys 'R' Us now selling the tablet.