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HP Goes 3G, Offers DataPass To US Customers

Hewlett-Packard announced today that it is going to unveil a pay-as-you-go 3G mobile broadband service, designed especially for the company’s business laptops.

The move by the company has come as a part of its ongoing effort towards introducing an wider array of services to its PCs.

According to reports, the company is likely to offer the DataPass mobile broadband service with the newly unveiled Elitebook Business laptops featuring the 3G technology.

The DataPass mobile broadband service enables users to access 3G data networks all across the US, without requiring them to sign up with any wireless carrier for a monthly or yearly based subscription.

Mike Hockey, a spokesperson of the company revealed that the DataPass service is available for purchase through the Elitebook laptops, and users don’t need to pay any additional activation fee for the service. He also said that the plans under this new offering will start from $5 only.

The new offering will allow users to choose from a wide range of available plans. For example, the $5 plans will let user to access 75 MB of data over up to 5 hours, where as the $10 plan is for 150MB of data over 3 days. The $20 and $30 plans on the other hand, offer 450 and 1 GB of data over 2 weeks and one month respectively.