Noon News: Sony Defends Its Reponse As Adequate, Samsung Phase-Change Smartphone, Amazon Favours Android Over iOS

Sony Corporation has defended itself by saying that it has responded adequately to the recent security breaches in its gaming networks. The console giant’s response came through a letter addressed to the Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, Reuters reports.

Samsung has dropped a bombshell by releasing a Smartphone with Phase-Change memory ahead of everyone else, one that's a mere entry level model and called the Samsung Monte GT-E2550 which can be had for £40 from Amazon. The technology combines the advantages of RAM (bit alterability, fast read and write speeds of RAM) with the non volatile aspect of flash memory like NOR and NAND.

A new study has revealed that there is a “casual link” between Internet pornography and an increasing number of sex offences across the globe. According to the research, internet porn provides a platform for like-minded individuals with “explicit” fantasies to encourage each other to indulge in what experts call “deviant behaviour”, resulting in a growing number of crimes involving extreme and violent sexual fantasies.

Foxconn, an Apple supplier most famous for the recent spate employee suicides, was recently inspected by an outside organization to evaluate its treatment of employees. The watchdog group Students & Scholars against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) visited two of SACOM's plants and interviewed employees.

Amazon has updated its Cloud Player music streaming service with limited support for Apple’s iOS platform. The company had launched its cloud based storage and music streaming only for Google’s Android platform, leaving Apple users out in the cold, TechCrunch reports.