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Reports Claims Google Chrome Coming On PlayStation 3

Reports hinting at Google’s Chrome web browser coming to Sony’s PlayStation 3 console have again started doing rounds.

The rumours first started when hints of Google Chrome were found on the PS3 WebKit source code. WebKit is the open source platform on which Google’s highly popular Chrome web browser is built on.

Now, Sony has added fuel to the fire by posting a new job opening for a senior software engineer who has great knowledge of WebKit. Hopeful candidates are also required to have experience with working on the PS3 developer tools and the PS3 SDK, Uber Gizmo reveals.

Expertise on Cell Broadband Engine and SPUs could act as an added advantage for prospective candidates.

The web browser on the PS3 is in serious need for an upgrade and has a reputation of offering a slow web browsing experience on the console. Replacing it with Google Chrome is a most suitable choice for Sony, which continues to deal with the massive PSN hacking and outage.

However, it is also possible that Sony is looking for software engineers that would help it upgrade the web browser on the PS3 with WebKit instead of bringing Chrome to the gaming console.