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Slide out keyboard comes to the iPhone 4

On-line gadget specialist Brando is now retailing a thin case that provides a slide-out Qwerty keyboard for the latest Apple handset, for just £26.

Brando has previously sold a bulkier case for the iPhone 4, which contained a keyboard that connected to the phone via Bluetooth that OneMobileRing covered here and reviewed here.

The new keyboard is now contained in a very thin case that attaches to the rear of the mobile phone, where the updated Qwerty keyboard slides out from under the screen and in the same way as Motorola Milestone and HTC Desire Z operates.

This slide-out keyboard has 51 keys and also connects to the iPhone 4 over Bluetooth, whilst the device’s lithium battery can be charged from a microUSB port.

Brando’s case doesn’t deliver any extra battery power to the handset, as other extended battery cases can - it only offers enough power to drive the keyboard.

The keyboard attachment can be powered off from a switch on the side of the case, although there is no details as to the charging time or duration of the device – as there was for the first model.

iPhone 4 Ultra-thin Slide-out Wireless Keyboard

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