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Sony Chief Executive Says Its Response To The Recent PSN Attack Adequate

Sony Corporation has defended itself by saying that it has responded adequately to the recent security breaches in its gaming networks.

The console giant’s response came through a letter addressed to the Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, Reuters reports.

The senator previously criticised the company for taking too long to notifyits customers about the breaches which led to personal information pertaining to more than 100 million customers being compromised.

In the reply letter dated May 5, Sony Computer Entertainment’s president and Group Chief Executive, Kazuo Hirai wrote that the company had acted as fast as possible in letting know the consumers of the data theft.

Hirai’s letter also stated that the main reason why there was some delay is that “these emails are not 'batch' emails. The emails are individually tailored to our consumers' accounts." Though it's not clear how the company could have written 100 million personalised emails even in a few days.

The company also said that it had notified customers through a blog post, but the earliest post was on April 26, a full week after the attack.

According to reports, Sony identified suspicious unauthorised activity on its networks on April 19. But it took them a three days to inform the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the attack.