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TalkTalk Provides Network-Wide Content Filtering, Tories Approve

UK mobile phone services provider TalkTalk released out network-level home internet security software for its users.

The company’s HomeSafe security software allows users to protected their PCs, smartphones and any other connected device against viruses and other types of malware.

The software, whose system is provided by security software maker Symantec, also allows parents to block pornographic websites and other websites with objectionable content.

The tool works by blacklisting websites known to host malware or those with pornographic content on them. However, even though the software protects systems from web-based malware, users won’t be protected against malware downloaded from peer-to-peer networks.

TalkTalk says that parents will also be able to block social networking websites Facebook during the child’s homework or study time.

TalkTalk is the first ISP to launch a content filtering software after Conservative MPs called on all the ISPs to provide such measures. They also wanted the ISPs to block pornographic websites by default, which is not the case here.

A company spokesperson told PC Pro that the Tories are pleased with the initiative.

“[Culture Minister] Ed Vaizey and [Claire] Perry are very pleased we're the only ISP to offer a service like this. Now that one ISP has come out with a solution, I'm sure others will do so too,” the spokesperson said.