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Twitter User Accuses Celebs Of Using Courts To Hide Affairs

A Twitter user has decided to publish the names of UK celebrities and public figures who supposedly procured a super-injunction from the courts to hide their extra-marital affairs.

Socialite Jamima Khan was one of the celebrities accused of getting a court order preventing the media from publishing details and photos about her alleged affair with Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson.

Khan took to Twitter to deny the claims. “OMG- Rumour that I have a super injunction. NOT TRUE!” she twitted. “I have no super injunction. Twitter, Stop!”

The user also outed the details of a footballer, and famous chef who allegedly used the courts to prevent the media from reporting about a fight with two former employees.

“It shows the utter absurdity of what is being done in the courts. It ignores the way that modern communication works. Normally these things are kept so that only a few people in North London know what is going on. But more recently people have been coming to my constituency surgery and telling me that they know who these people are,” Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, said in a statement to The Daily Mail.

So many people signed in to read tweets about the supposedly outed celebrities that Twitter experienced a partial network crash.