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Ubuntu Boss Matt Zimmerman Announces Departure From Canonical

Canonical's chief technical officer, Matt Zimmerman, has announced his impending departure from the open-source company he helped to found in order to find 'new challenges' according to thinq_

Zimmerman co-founded the company which would become Canonical in 2004 taking on the role of chief technical officer for the user-friendly Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Ubuntu has grown into one of the most popular Linux distributions for desktop and laptop use, and is gathering steam in the server market thanks to several supporting technologies developed by Canonical.

Zimmerman was one of the driving forces behind the project - but claims he won't be walking away from Ubuntu entirely. "I intend to remain involved in the Ubuntu community," he explained, "retaining my elected position on the governing Technical Board, and perhaps to make the occasional technical contribution as a volunteer."

Zimmerman hasn't officially comment on the reasons behind his departure.