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Vodafone And JustGiving Team Up To Allow Donations Via Text Message

Vodafone has partnered with charity website JustGiving to launch a new service that allows Britons to donate money to their favorite charities by sending text messages.

The move makes it easier for UK’s 184,000 charity organisations to get donations by simply receiving a text message from their supporters.

The Vodafone-JustGiving venture, called JustTextGiving, will bring the ability to receive donations via text messages to every registered charity in the country. Before this, only bigger charities, like Comic Relief, were able to afford the service.

The companies have announced that they won’t be charging a fee for the text transactions, with the charities keeping the entire donation amount.

Experts believe that the service would allow charity organisations to tap into a broader base including younger donors. A recent survey cited in an article on The Telegraph claims that only 40 percent of 18-24 year olds make donations compared to 80 percent of over 65 year olds.

“The future success of the charitable sector depends on making giving relevant for the next generation of donors and fundraisers – with mobiles a pocket essential, the ability to harness the power of a simple text is game-changing for the country’s charities,” Anne-Marie Huby, Managing Director of JustGiving, said in a statement.