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New Windows Phone 7 Mango Features Revealed

Software giant is expected to release the update to its Windows Phone 7 platform, code named Mango, by the end of this year.

The company is expected to bring a whole batch of new and improved features to the fledgling platform. These features are already found on Apple and Google Smartphones, but it will be a big leap for the platform.

The company, which announced the features on the Windows Phone Developer Podcast, plans to bring the OS at par with its rivals.

The Windows Phone OS 7.5 or Mango, will bring a new service called Bing Audio, which will be a Shazam like app built into the Bing search engine and allow users to discover new music. Bing will also receive another feature called Bing Vision, which will allow users to use their phone’s camera to detect, scan and search OR codes, Microsoft Tags, barcodes, and even text.

Bing Maps on Windows Phone 7 will also get turn-by-turn navigational capabilities, which is currently only offered by Google in the Smartphone domain.

Microsoft will also be including its TellMe voice recognition technology to allow people to dictate text messages and emails by speaking into their devices microphone.