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£399.95 Pioneer VSX920 AV Receiver

The Pioneer VSX920, with its outstanding 3D capability, Internet radio and built-in iPod/iPhone connectivity features, surely can claim the title for the best AV Receiver available in the market today.

The product comes with 4 HDMI inputs with latest specification, and hence offers full compatibility with 3D TV. The built-in analogue cum digital internet radio tuner is also highly sensitive and has the ability to catch the weakest of signals.

It features in it the latest available digital decoders including DTS- High Definition Master Audio and Dolby True High Definition.

VSX920 also has the capability of output from analogue sources via HDMI channels.

There are two optical inputs in the device that allow you to plug in your digital sources such as DVD players etc.

In spite of all its heavy specifications, when it comes to the physical weight, the device weighs only 10.1 kg. The dimensions are 420 x 379 x 158mm (W x H x D), meaning portability should never be an issue with the VSX920.

The Pioneer VSX920 AV Receiver is available from RicherSounds for an amount of £399.95 only.