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AMNews: Cisco Reshuffles Management, TalkTalk Reduces Broadband Rates, Cisco And Xerox, HP 3G Mobile Broadband

Cisco Systems Inc. revealed that it is going to renovate its management structure in order to simplify the decision making process as well as other important aspects related to the functionality of the management team. The Sane Jose, California based tech giant also revealed that it is highly likely that the company bosses will dispense with majority of a network of internal councils as well as with some associated boards.

Talktalk, it seems, is taking on BT-owned in a battle to determine which is the cheaper (and better value) of the two with the former offering broadband for a year at £3.25 per month, one pence cheaper than its rival. Talktalk Essentials provides with unlimited evening and weekend UK landline calls, free customer service, 40GB downloads, free wireless router and more importantly, no connection fee. The total cost of ownership for one year stands at £214.20.

Business social networking platform LinkedIn has released the details of the company’s first initial public offering. The company, which allows businesses and working professionals to expand their network, plans to raise $275 million by offering 7.94 million shares to the public.

Enterprise networking giant Cisco has forged an alliance with Xerox to build a cloud based printing ecosystem for organisations. The alliance hopes to allow employees to print from any device via any printing, thus increasing productivity and the time taken to get things done in the office.

Hewlett-Packard announced today that it is going to unveil a pay-as-you-go 3G mobile broadband service, designed especially for the company’s business laptops. The move by the company has come as a part of its ongoing effort towards introducing an wider array of services to its PCs.