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Anonymous Rift Deepens as Accusations of Bullying and Botnets Fly

Anonymous has bitten back at a splinter group which seized control of AnonOps, the online operations hub of the ‘hacktivist’ collective and home to the group’s IRC chat server, leaking the IP addresses of some 653 users onto the Internet.

Speaking to thinq_ (opens in new tab) two people close the inner workings of AnonOps refuted accusations levelled at the site’s network staff by a user named 'Ryan', the key figure behind what moderators have called a 'coup d’etat'.

“[Ryan] accuses us of trying to control Anonymous from behind the scenes,” one Anon said, referring to an earlier interview with the coup leader. “In fact, the channel he refers to was for chat moderation and he himself was part of it.

“Like the speaker of parliament, we didn't make laws but we ensured an environment existed in which they could be made. So most of the talk in there was network maintenance, server issues, floods, attacks on us and how to counteract them, etc.”

The people interviewed claim it was impossible for AnonOps to be undemocratic: “If you wanted to start your own operation on AnonOps, all you have to do is create a new channel for it, register it, and get people interested.

“Obviously, some people get well known and others look to them for advice, but nobody can control the hive,” one Anon said. “If Anonymous really wants to do something, no one person can stop them.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.