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Asus To Launch New Eee Netbook To Take On iPad 2

Taiwan-based hardware giant Asus is apparently going to ship a new netbook, which sources have called a new "killer Eee PC", in June.

According to Digitimes, disappointing sales figures for the current Eee PC netbook range means that Asus needs to reassess its current strategy in order to reach its intended target of five million Eee PCs shipped for 2011.

In addition, the company may reintroduce a new Eee PC for under $200, around half the price of the current iPad 2. The original Asus EEE PC 701 was sold for around that price, but Asus gradually split the brand into several strands and increased the base pricing at the same time.

Although no details have emerged over what that Killer Eee PC notebook would look like, there are suggestions that it will use either the dual core Atom N570 or an AMD Fusion-based application processor.

But it will be the sub-$200 model which will be critical to Asus. We expect that like the first EEE PC 701, it will be a Linux-based model and we dare say that it will be a cut-down version of the Eee Pad Transformer.

A cheaper display (no touchscreen, a smaller diagonal, different production process), less memory, less onboard storage, a smaller battery and an all integrated solution with limited expandability (no HDMI for example).