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Give to charity by SMS

Mobile phone network Vodafone has launched a partnership with well-known fund raising charity organisation JustGiving, under the name of JustTextGiving – where people can just send a text message to send funds to a charity.

JustTextGiving is set to change the face of giving money to the UK’s 184,000 charities, where each one will be given a unique code that can be used to donate money from the UK’s first free text donation service.

There has been a £5 million investment into the new scheme, which brings in new technology and a marketing campaign with free marketing materials for charities.

Every penny raised will go to the charities without any fees being taken from the company to run the service, where even a Gift Aid can be added onto the transaction too.

This comes at a time where the charity sector has been hit by funding cuts of late, along with the amount of disposable income that a third of the people have is on the decrease.

A recent survey has found charities have so far struggled to motivate the younger givers, where just less than half of 18-24 year olds give to charity as compared with 80% of over 65 year olds and JustTextGiving could increase this figure with the youth.

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