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Google Expected To Announce Music Beta At Google I/O Conference

Google is expected to launch its cloud based music storage and streaming service at its I/O conference today.

The new service, which is expected to be called Music Beta, will allow users to store their music files online on Google servers and stream them to any Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Music Beta echoes Amazon’s recently launched Cloud Drive and Cloud Player music streaming service. Amazon allows users to store their collection and stream them on Android devices. Users are also able to purchase music from the service and automatically store them.

Google currently will not allow users to share music with friends or purchase music as it has not procured the necessary licenses. The company has been in talks with record labels for months but has failed to forge a deal.

“A couple of major labels were not as collaborative and frankly were demanding a set of business terms that were unreasonable and did not allow us to build a product or a business on a sustainable business. So we’re not necessarily relying on the partnerships that have proven difficult,” said Jamie Rosenberg, director for digital content for Android, in a statement to The New York Times.