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Google Releases New Version Of Chrome On Beta Channel

Google has renovated its Chrome web browser, the company announced on Monday on its Google Chrome blog.

According to the company, the updates released via the beta channel will be accompanied by multiple additional features as well as one subtraction.

The additional features introduced in this update include support for hardware accelerated 3D CSS that enables slick 3D effects to be used in web pages. To improve security, the new version of Chrome will also be equipped with technology that will prevent users from downloading any malicious files.

“In addition to protecting you against malware and phishing websites, Chrome now warns you before downloading some types of malicious files. As mentioned on the Chromium blog in April, Chrome uses the same fancy algorithms for checking downloads as it does for checking websites,” the blog post revealed.

The new updates also also bring along with it an enhanced privacy feature which lets you delete Flash LSO (Local Shared Objects) from within the browser settings.

However, Google Gear’s plug in services have been terminated with this beta release; they are expected to be replaced by new sophisticated web applications powered by HTML 5.