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Google Updates Image Search, Allows Users To Sort Images By Subject

Search engine giant Google has updated its Image search by adding a new feature that lets users sort images by subjects.

In a blog post, Google said that the new feature will allow users to search for something that they know the looks of, but can’t remember its name.

The feature can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Sort by subject’ option located on the left hand side pane on the Google Image search results page. Google reckons that allowing users to sort images by subjects will let them find what they are looking for more easily and in less time.

Apart from looking for specific images, the feature will help users who are searching on a general topic.

According to the company, the technology is based on an algorithm that identifies the relationships between images on the web and presents them in a visualised form. The feature is built by expanding the technology used in Google Similar Images and Google Image Swirl.

The company said that the new feature will be rolled out on all domains and countries worldwide within the next week.

“Whether you have a particular image in mind or you’re just exploring a general topic, sort by subject can help you find the image you need - even if you don’t have the exact words to describe it.” Donald Tanguay, Google Images team, explained.