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Late News: Microsoft May Offer Free Xbox Live Membership, Google Chrome Hacked, YouTube Expands Movie Rentals

Microsoft may entice existing PlayStation Network users with free Xbox Live membership in order to benefit from the three weeks periods that Sony estimates will be necessary to restore full service to PSN.

Recently released internal emails reveal heavy-handed tactics surrounding Google’s Android mobile operating system; tactics that some people believe are anti-competitive and is drawing comparisons to Microsoft in the 1990s. The internal emails were made public as part of an on-going lawsuit filed by location based technology provider Skyhook Wireless against the search engine giant.

Vupen, a France based security company has revealed that it has discovered a few loopholes in the security features of Google Chrome which can be exploited to hack the browser quite effectively. According to the company, in order to exploit these loopholes, all that a hacker needs to do is make the browser visit a website with a bunch of codes especially designed for sidestepping the “sand box”.

In a shocking turn of events, software giant Microsoft is reportedly on the verge of acquiring VoIP services provider Skype for $8 billion to $8.5 billion. Citing people familiar with the matter, a report on The Wall Street Journal indicates that the deal, which is on its last stages, might be announced as early as Tuesday.

Google’s YouTube has expanded its movie rentals service by adding around 3,000 movies, including some of the latest blockbusters like Inception and The Green Hornet. The move will definitely allow Google to give stiff competition to Netflix’s movie rental and streaming services.