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Microsoft To Hold VIP Preview Of Its Windows 7 Phone On May 24

Microsoft has announced that the company will have a ‘VIP Preview’ for the Windows Phone on May 24.

The preview of the Windows Phone 7 platform, codenamed Mango, will take place in New York City, PC Mag reveals.

If Monday's leak of upcoming Windows Phone 7 features are anything to go by, then the company plans to bring its fledgling platform at par with those offered by Google and Apple.

One of the most notable features coming to Windows Phone 7 is turn-by-turn navigation, similar to what Google offers on Android. The platform will also come with a new Bing Audio feature, which, similar to Shazam, will help users to discover new music. Users will be able to identify an unknown track and then choose to buy new music as well.

Microsoft will also bring Google Goggles-like Bing Vision, which will let users use their cameras to recognise, scan and search QR codes, Microsoft Tags, bar codes, DVDs and text.

The company is expected to bring multi-tasking features to the platform, which was announced during the Mobile World Congress in February. The Mango update will also let users play music in the background while surfing the web or using apps.