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Noon News: Kids Joining Facebook, YouTube Founders Buy Tap11, HTC Prepares iPad 2 Competitor

More and more parents are allowing their pre-teen children to join social media platforms despite age restriction and danger of being exposed to objectionable content. According to a poll of 1,000 adults conducted by Liberty Mutual's Responsibility Project, around 17 percent of parents claimed that they had no problem with their pre-teen child using social media platforms, compared to 8 percent of the parents a year ago.

YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have acquired social media analytics firm Tap11, merely three weeks after purchasing Delicious from Yahoo. The duo is building a new start-up Avos which hopes to become a massive online information discovery service.

Talktalk's latest security feature, dubbed HomeSafe, apparently offers more than mere protection from dodgy websites, viruses and other not-so-kosher content. Torrentfreak found out that the solution also blocks BitTorrent and other file sharing websites by default although Talktalk politely declined handing over a list of websites blocked by the Homesafe.

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has published a set of guidelines for businesses based on the new European Union browser cookie laws. The ICO warned UK public and private sector businesses that from May 25th, they will be required to get the consent of users before they download and use their browser cookies.

HTC is rumoured to be preparing a new 10-inch tablet device called Puccini that, unlike the HTC Flyer, will be a direct competitor to Apple's iPad 2 as they share the same screen size. Pocketnow reports that the tablet will be available on AT&T's soon-to-be-launched, so-called "True 4G" LTE network. The fact that is bears the name of a famous Italian opera composer could also mean that it will have some great audio capabilities.