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Research Reveals Social Network Users Have More Virtual Friends Than Real Friends

A new research has revealed that users of the social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter usually have twice as many online friends as they do in real lives.

The research carried out by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust also claimed that an average user of the social networking sites usually have 121 “virtual” buddies, against 55 in the real life.

The other highlighting points that came out of the study are the “facts” that one in every ten people did find their best friends through the social networking sites; and also that users of these sites tend to be more open and honest with each other in comparison to they usually are with friends outside the virtual world.

Also, almost 10% of the users were optimistic about meeting at least one good, life-long friend somewhere on the Web.

“For most people, the internet is a way of keeping in touch with loved ones and friends but for people who are isolated due to illness, it plays a more vital role and can often act as a lifeline," Helen Oxley, consultant clinical psychologist at Manchester Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre, Wythenshawe hospital, said in a statement to the Telegraph.