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Scrabble Makes Way For Slang, Neologisms

A list of new words, including once verboten street slang, has found its way into the Scrabble dictionary.

With this move, Scrabble players now can use words such as thang, innint and grrl amongst many others as legal words.

Many words from Indian cookery, such as alu, aloo, keema and gobi, also made it into the Collin’s Official Scrabble Words.

The list of almost 3000 new words added to the dictionary also included the names of various drugs such as tina, gak or tik.

The newly added words for the latest edition of the book were compiled by the staff of the Collins Dictionaries, based in Glasgow. The publishers said that this is the most comprehensive Scrabble word list ever produced.

''The latest edition adds nearly 3,000 new words to the existing quarter of a million available to Scrabble players. These additions are an eclectic mix of new technological jargon, overseas English, recent colloquialisms, street slang, and a few fairly well-established phrases that had not made it onto the list until now,” said Robert Groves, editor of the new list of words for Scrabble users and the Collins English Dictionaries, The Telegraph reports.