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Skype For Mac 5.1 Hotfix Fixes Zero Day Vulnerability

Popular VoIP service Skype has dished out an update for its Mac client that fixes a zero-day vulnerability reported by a group of ethical hackers in Australia.

Gordon Maddern of Pure Hacking wrote in a blog post that the vulnerability was extremely “wormable” and highly dangerous for users.

Found to be affecting only the Mac platform, the vulnerability allows a hacker to send a malicious code via instant message. The bug allows the code to be executed, thereby handling the controls of the system over to the hacker.

Maddern had claimed that Skype had been told about the bug over a month ago but had failed to release a patch for it.

Meanwhile, Skype’s Adrian Asher acknowledged the issue in a blog post and claimed that the company was aware of the big when Pure Hacking contacted it. He also promised to release an update early this week.

“At the time they alerted us, we were already aware of the issue and were working on a fix to protect Skype users from this vulnerability, as we take our users' security very seriously,” he said.

Now, Skype has dished out a Skype for Mac 5.1 hotfix that fixes the security bug, resolves video freezing in high-packet loss networks and some other minor bugs.