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SnapLogic Releases An App To Integrate Hadoop

Database software maker SnapLogic has released a new plug-in that allows clients to connect its software with Hadoop open-source data management software.

The SnapReduce plug-in, apart from offering support for Hadoop, will allow clients to integrate business applications, cloud based services and social media platforms.

The company believes that SnapReduce, as the name suggests, will to reduce the complexities of the process used to work with a massive amount of data and the services used to manage those processes.

The plug-in will make Hadoop processing much more accessible, transforming SnapLogic data integration pipelines into MapReduce. The tool is also designed to be used with SnapLogic's new Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Snap.

SnapReduce is also designed to work with tools that are capable of processing data within Hadoop, including Pig Hive and Flume.

“Businesses hungry to mine big data using Hadoop are hitting a wall when it comes to connectivity with business applications. Current solutions for big data integration require strong parallel programming skills and are thus complex and time-consuming to create, often requiring several technologies to get and use big data with Hadoop,” Gaurav Dhillon, CEO, SnapLogic, said in a statement.