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TalkTalk Homesafe Kicks Out Torrent Sites

TalkTalk's latest security feature, dubbed HomeSafe, apparently offers more than mere protection against dodgy websites, viruses and other not-so-kosher content.

Torrentfreak found out that the solution also blocks BitTorrent and other file sharing websites by default. TalkTalk politely declined to hand over a list of websites blocked by the Homesafe feature.

Fortunately, only web-based traffic is blocked though, which means that torrents can be accessed via another non-blocked website, email, IM but not via a URL shortener (check the demo of Homesafe here).

In addition, sites that provide file-sharing applications are also blocked according to TorrentFreak although we seriously doubt that legitimate sites like or are going to be affected by it.

TalkTalk stressed that the whole scheme is completely voluntary with a panel of parents and online safety experts helping throughout and that by default, HomeSafe has to be activated through a web-based user interface.

The company introduced security features on its own network because it doesn't believe enough is being done to "to protect internet users from online nasties including spammers, fraudsters and viruses" and that existing solutions cater only for PCs and Macs while HomeSafe also covers games consoles and phones.