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Turn Your iPad 2 Into A Phone

VoIP-Pal is a company that provides international calls over the internet, PC tablets and smartphones via VoIP technology. They have recently reported they are planning to begin the beta testing for their PointsPhone Mobile App for iPad 2.

Business travellers want to have the portability offered by tablets anywhere and iPad 2 does just that. Since iPad tablets do not incorporate telephone capabilities, Voip-Pal has created the PointPhone Mobile app for iPad and iPad 2. The app turns the tablets into telephones able to support domestic and international calls for around 2 cents per minute.

VoIP-Pal officials have announced that the iPad 2 app has unique features. For example, Voice Mail allows travelling business people to listen their voice mail through their email via Wi-Fi connections. The app can also record phone calls.

The PointsPhone Mobile beta version App will be available for downloading on Apple's App Store without charge. All that users need to do is log on to (opens in new tab) and register and activate their account, which costs $10. Using their account users can then access the PointsPhone App and call worldwide with no roaming charges.

The PointsPhone App is also available on Android and BlackBerry devices.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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