Universal Charger Specs Updated, Will Power Nearly Any Portable Gadget

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has updated the specifications for the universal charger to add support for tablet devices and cameras.

The universal charger, which originally was meant to charge mobile phones, will now be able to charge MP3 and MP4 players, tablet devices, cameras, wireless headphones, GPS units and other similar devices, ZD Net reports.

A single universal charger for every house-hold electronic device would make it unnecessary for consumers to buy a new charger every time they purchase a new gadget, saving some money and a great deal of hassle.

The universal charger comes with a power adapter and a detachable cable that comes with a standard USB cable and a micro-USB cable. The charger can be used for charging devices and for data transfers.

"Other standards claim to be universal and energy efficient, but only ITU's solution is truly universal and a real step forward in addressing environmental and climate-change issues," ITU secretary-general Hamadoun Touré said in a statement.

"This updated standard will bring the benefits of the universal charger to a wider range of devices and consumers. I am sure it will be welcomed by all ITU's membership — 192 governments and over 700 private-sector entities."