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Acer Has A Public Fight With Its Former CEO

Taiwanese tech firm Acer on Wednesday publicly criticised its former CEO Gianfranco Lanci accusing him of poor performance while he helmed the company.

The allegations from the company came just after Lanci criticised his former employers about being reluctant to globalise in an interview with the media. Lanci resigned from Acer on March 31.

Linci said in an interview this week that he was just about to introduce some very important changes in the company’s policy which would eventually led into its "de-Taiwanization".

According to Linci, his efforts to improve the company were unsuccessful because of the board’s unwillingness to globalise. He said that board members were even reluctant to hire engineers from outside Taiwan.

According to many experts, any such “war of words” in the public between the two sides could eventually result in a negative impact on the companies over all performance.

“This particular spat won't have any effect on Acer's business, because Lanci is already gone," said Helen Chiang, research manager with IDC in Taipei PC World reports.

“Consumers will have no way of evaluating it."

The CEO reportedly left after a fight over whether the company should focus on laptops, as Linci wanted, or tablets and mobile devices, like the board wanted.