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BBC South East Region Will Switch To Digital In May 2012

BBC has announced the dates for the switch from analogue to digital over of five of its channels in the South East region.

The scheduled switch over will start on May 20, 2012 and is likely to continue until June 27. At that point all five analogue channels will have completed the conversion process.

The move will also bring along with it the Freeview technology that will allow thousands of households from the region to access BBC’s digital services. A website and an advice line will also be provided with the view of assisting the switch over.

The process will take place over two phases at each transmitting group. Stage one will see the analogue BBC Two going out of service as well as the introduction of the first set of Freeview digital channels.

During stage two, BBC will switch off the rest of the analogue channels for good and replace them with new digital TV, radio and text services.

Once the entire process is complete, viewers from the region will be able to watch Freeview TV channels which include the likes of ITV1, Channel 4, BBC One, BBC Two, and Channel 5, along with other associated services like BBC Three and iTV2.