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Facebook Sharing More Info Than People Realize, Says Consumer Reports

A new study compiled by Consumer Reports sheds light on the usage of social networking platform Facebook and the data shared by its apps.

The report claims that Facebook apps are sharing more data than users realize. The magazine said that when users link their Facebook accounts to websites like Huffington Post, CNN and The New York Times, they are using an app for that websites. The app has access to basic user information.

Some websites, like the Huffington Post, asked for more information than usually required from a Facebook account. A Consumer Reports worker had installed a Huffington Post Facebook app which had access to family and relationships, friend’s information, photos and videos, religious views and birthday dates.

When the reporter deleted and re-installed the app it asked for much less information, it was discovered. In another instance, when a worker installed an iMovie app on his iPad 2 and linked it with his Facebook account, the application requested access to his Facebook Messages and the ability to RSVP to events on his behalf.

The report also discovered that unless users had put strict privacy controls on the platform, apps used by their friends had access to their profile information.