File Sharing Community Sued, 23000 BitTorrent Users Indulge In Piracy

The biggest ever BitTorrent lawsuit is underway in the US, targeting around 23,000 users who have been accused of illegally downloading action movie ‘The Expendables’.

The lawsuit has been filed by independent movie production company Nu Image, which is also a member of the US Copyright Group.

The company has been allowed by the courts to force ISPs into revealing the names and addresses of users of these 23,000 IP addresses that are accused of illegally downloading the movie. However, once the ISPs finish handing out the names of the infringers, the exact number of people being targeted in the lawsuit will be revealed.

According to a report on Wired, the plaintiff, in this case Nu Image, will be sending out subponeas to internet service providers sometime this week.

ISPs will then notify their customers after it has turned their personal information over to the plaintiff.

This is a great opportunity for the producers of the movie to earn a quick buck has many infringing users would be willing to settle out of court. The settlement fee could be as high as $3000 per infringement.