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Google Android Market Reaches 200,000 Apps, 4.5bn Downloads

Another significant milestone reached by Google's Android mobile platform pertains to the number of apps on Android Market as well as the total number of downloads reached by the repository.

To date there have been more than 4.5 billion downloads of applications for Android phones and tablets spread over well over 300 devices in more than 110 countries.

Google activation numbers have reached 400,000 units daily according to Hugo Barra, the head of Android and mobile at Google, and more than 100 million Android-based devices have been sold until now.

Based on the activattion numbers, it is safe to predict that Google will have sold more than 200 million Android devices by the end of the year, possibly surpassing the total number of iOS-powered devices as well.

In comparison, Apple declared at the beginning of the year that it had reached the 10 billionth app download on the App Store in just over 30 months, and had more than 350,000 apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platform, with the latter getting an additional 60,000 native iPad apps.

That said, Google Android Market only has around half the number of apps in its marketplace and roughly the same fraction when it comes to downloads as well.