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Google Android To Take Control Of Your Home Appliances

Google will soon launch new technology that will let you integrate nearly all of your electrical devices with computers, tablets, and phones, the company revealed.

The new range of devices, which include basic household electrical appliances such as light bulbs and dish washers, will be unveiled by the company by the end of 2011, the California-based tech heavyweight revealed.

This new technology will allow users to control these high-tech home appliances from their phones, tablets or computers; it will also allow them to record data.

Google revealed this latest initiative, codenamed Project Tungsten, at the recently held Google I/O Developer’s conference. It also said that the project is aimed at introducing a whole new range of technologies to “discover, connect and communicate” with each other, PC Advisor reports.

Google also presented a demonstration of the technology in which it showed a tablet, powered by the Android platform turning on and off lights from a remote distance, sending music files from the internet to an NFC chip that could be touched against a speaker and played, and other applications.

"From the beginning, Android was designed to extend beyond the mobile phone," Google said.