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Google Gives Free Tablets To Attendees At I/O Conference

In a pleasant surprise for Google I/O conference attendees, each of them will be getting a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Android tablets, the company announced.

Google has offered freebies to the attendees of the I/O conference before, but this is the first time it gave away tablets instead of smartphones.

"Thanks to Samsung, all 5,000 of you are getting one today," Hugo Barra, the director of Android product management said at the conference.

Google’s Android smartphones are doing a pretty decent job countering Apple’s iPhones, but not so the company’s tablets. Apple still enjoys a huge dominance in the tablet market with the iPad. No doubt Google is trying to gain some traction by distributing free Android-based tablets to tech enthusiasts.

The company also revealed that over 100 millions activated Android devices are in use with 400,000 new devices being activated everyday. Also, the company said that around 200,000 apps are available in the Android market, while the total number of installed apps is around 4.5 billion.

Although the iPad is currently dominant, experts expect the number of Google apps to outstrip Apple, and increasing variety among competing Android-based tablets promises to cut into the iPad's market share in the year ahead.