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Google Guilty Of Copyright Infringement Says Belgian Court

Google has been found guilty of infringing copyright of Belgian newspapers from posting links and snippets of their articles on its Google News service.

The Belgian Court of Appeals has ordered Google to remove the articles and photographs belonging to Belgian newspapers. The company would be forced to pay a fine of 25,000 Euros for every day it continues to host them.

According to a report on PC World, the lawsuit was first filed back in 2006 by Belgian newspaper copyright group Copiepresse.

The group claimed that newspaper publishers were loosing out on subscribers and ad revenue due to Google News and demanded that Google should pay a fee to newspapers for pasting their article links and snippets.

Google on the other hand claims that it posts links as it is a common practice across the web and was doing nothing wrong.

“We believe that Google News is fully consistent with all applicable copyright laws. We remain committed to work with publishers, and continue to seek new ways to generate revenue for the online distribution of news,” Google Netherlands spokesman Mark Jansen said in a statement to Webwereld.